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Adventures Of Puppy And Coyote

Feb 3 2021

Howdy y'all. Misha McDonut here. Today we travel further into the adventures of our two little scoundrels. Coyote is a trickster and an impetuous one. She is not a trouble maker, but her playful nature often brings her in contact with the authorities. Her best friend Puppy is always trying to guide her away from mischief and regretting the result. But good friends must always take care of each other. You're such a good dog, Puppy McDonut.

                                                                      Coyote’s Tryout

    It is a peaceful Saturday evening in the McDonut house. The children are watching NHL Hockey on TV and lazing by a warm fire. Coyote sees one of the team’s jerseys and jumps up in excitement. “Aroooooooooooh! They are the Coyotes. I am a coyote. They are professionals and well paid for their troubles. I am the greatest coyote in the world at everything. Choonies. Where is this Arizona?” “Very far south rascal. Nothing for you there.” “But Choonies. I’m sure I am a natural at this hockey, whatever it is? Choonies. You are ancient creatures and wise to the ways of the world. Contact them for me, please, please, please. I will be a superstar! They will pay me handsomely and I can eat fried chicken whenever I want. No more waiting for Misha and Annie to give me my allowance. Yahoo! Arooooooooooooh! How clever you are, Coyote.” The Choonies just roll their eyes and say, “we will try our best for you. But poor Puppy will be heartbroken if you leave our McDonut home.” “Nonsense. Never Choonie ones. Puppy and I are a team. Puppy will be my manager. Hahahaha! I am a genius” says that naughty coyote.

     At this point Coyote is insufferable. “Please Choonies. Help us. I must have my chance.” Yes, yes, Coyote. Later please. The fire is so warm.” “No, no. Please Choonies. It must happen now. This is my golden opportunity.” “What a scoundrel you are,” grumble the Choonies. “All right, all right. Otherwise this will never end. Let us do a search for these Arizona Coyotes and see what they are. We promised after all.” And there it is, the Arizona Coyotes. “Let us tell them about this rascal and be done with it or we will never have peace.” “Yes, yes, yes. Everyone’s fortune has changed for the better. Puppy, we are about to be rich and famous.” Poor Puppy. “This is a bad idea,” he thinks. “But I must go along, or Coyote will cause big trouble. Yes, yes, old friend,” says Puppy. “You and I against the world. Let’s do this.”

     The Choonies compose their letter singing the praises of this unknown Coyote and her great skill. The team is in a skid and they are immediately intrigued. “How did our scouts miss this talent? Perhaps this one can turn our season around? Book a tryout. What can we lose?”

     My oh my! What excitement at the McDonut house. Annie and Misha decide to let this rascal have her fun. Of course she will not be a hockey player. But let her try. “All of our children must follow their dreams. Yes dears. You may use the teleport. The Choonies will be your chaperones. Good luck my brave ones. Take care of your brother and sister, Choonies.” “Yes Annie. They will be fine. They may be a nuisance sometimes, but we are a family and we will always stay together,” say the Choonies. “You are a scamp, Coyote, but you are our sister and we love you just the same.” This strange crew piles into the teleport. “Have fun children,” says Annie. “But be careful.”

     The Choonies were once famous cosmonauts, so they are skilled with the teleport. They fly to the dressing room in the practice arena and out tumbles this strange lot. “Coyote. Over here please. This is your equipment. It is a rough game you scallywag. Let us figure out how to dress you.” What a scene! Puppy and the Choonies are advising the flummoxed Coyote. “No, no, no. Your hockey pads first. And these are your hockey pants, I think. Step in with your back legs. There you are. Now it is time for your jersey, we believe. Yes, yes. Front legs through here. Why is it all so big? These must be giant coyotes. But there is no such thing! Oh wait. These are your shoulder pads. Over your jersey Coyote. And lastly the skates. But there are only two. And the size of these things!” “What a silly game. But it will be my fortune for certain,” mutters Coyote. “All right. On with it.” “Skates on your back paws Coyote. You hold this stick in your front paws.”  “Outrageous,” barks Coyote. “I will give them a harsh talking to for this ridiculous get up. How will they admire my beautiful coat?” What a sight she is! Puppy thinks, “This is such a bad idea.” The Choonies stifle their laughter as they stare at their silly sister. “Where is that coach?” mutters Coyote. “My time is valuable.”

     Just then the coach walks in as Coyote is trying to walk in this getup. “What is this? Who are you bunch? Out of my dressing room scoundrels.” He phones the manager. “Get in here. Where is my prospect?” In comes Manager. Coach says, “Escort these rogues out of here immediately.” “No, no,” says Puppy. “She is the greatest coyote. She’s a superstar.” “Bah. Out!” Says coach. “Wait, wait. I see an angle,” says Manager. “These two work well together. What mascots they will make! You’re hired!” “Mascot! What nonsense is this? I am an All Star!” “Please,” says Puppy. “Coyote. We are hired. We have jobs.” “Haruuuumph,” says Coyote. “Oh well, at least we will be paid. Lead on Puppy.” Puppy has a suggestion. “May we have Puppy and Coyote microphones to inspire the team?” “Why not,” says Manager. “I knew you two would be a good fit. Done!”

     The first game begins and these rascals wait in front of their microphones proudly wearing their little team jerseys. The ceremonies begin and, “God bless Amer........”Aroooooh, aroooooh, arooooooh.” “Bark, bark, bark.” Of course they must harmonize with the anthem, being the helpful puppies that they are. Ooooops! The fans in the packed arena are instantly appreciative. But management waves their fingers. “Stop that you rascals. Respect the anthem.” But of course Puppy and Coyote completely respect the anthem. That’s why they sing along. It is so hard for great artists to be understand.

     Coyote and Puppy are a big hit. When the team scores each goal, Puppy cries, “bark, bark, bark, hooray.” Coyote yells, “Arooooh, arooooh, arooooh, hurray!” Soon every team has a Puppy and Coyote mic in the arena when the Arizona team visits. At the end of the lineup announcement for each team we hear, “and introducing our special mascots and ambassadors of the game, say hello to Puppy and Coyote McDonut.” “Bark, bark, bark, bark. Arooooooooh!” The fans go wild. “Hooray, hooray. Hooray for the Arizona McDonuts!” Their popularity soars and they are as famous as anyone. The cover of Sports Illustrated, TV, radio, ads, even the Oprah show. The money rolls in. All the children want paw prints. The team is on a winning streak. Annie, Misha, the Kittens and the Choonie-Moonies are so proud. What wonderful children! 

     In the dressing room after the big game, which the Coyotes have won, of course, Puppy and Coyote celebrate with the players. “See Puppy. What a great idea I had. So much fried chicken. Have another drum stick, my friend. Aroooooh. Arooooooh. Arooooooh!” “Bark, bark, bark,” says Puppy, in between bites of yummy chicken. “Quiet you two,” yells Coach. But not the players. “Hooray for Puppy! Hooray for Coyote! Go team go,” they shout. The End.

                                                            A Puppy and Coyote Halloween

It is an exciting night at the McDonut house. The streets are alive with little goblins dressed in fine costumes and excitedly yelling, “Trick or treat’” at each home. Every child stops at the McDonut house, because where else will Choonie-Moonies hand you treats at the door?  Pink Kitten and Yellow Kitten comment on each costume. “How sweet. Meow, meow, meow. Please come again next year children.” Only Puppy and Coyote are unimpressed with this handsome parade. “Bah, Puppy. Where are our costumes? Where are our treats? These little tyrants are snaffling all the snacks. What a disgrace” The two of them sneak to the back of the room and begin plotting to get their share. “Well Coyote. First we must find costumes. Something to dazzle the neighbors. We will need very large sacks for our plunder.”   So Puppy and Coyote decide to go trick or treating for Halloween. The children have such outrageous garments. The puppies must find something special to win the best treats for their efforts. “I have it Coyote. We have our little jerseys and those strange masks we were given as souvenirs. We were the stars of the show when we worked as mascots for that hockey team.” “Of course Puppy. You are a genius. All that fried chicken we ate. We were even on the Oprah show. What times those were! We will wear our Coyotes sweaters and bright headgear and sneak out when the others are distracted by those scoundrel children.” They are little dogs, so they cannot eat chocolate. But they walk door-to-door in their little costumes barking for other treats. Coyote wants chicken and puppy demands pizza. They do not understand the effect of Halloween goalie masks on the good citizens of the city. It is a full moon, so when they stop walking at each house and wait on the doorstep, they must throw their heads in the air and howl at the ancient goddess. The neighborhood is in a tizzy. Everyone is on the corner wondering where this racket is coming from. “There they are! Apprehend these miscreants!” The puppies are surrounded with no escape. Quick Coyote! Use your mobile. The Uncles can help.” “Coyote frantically nose dials the Uncles. “ Arooooooooh! Uncles. We are desperate. Save us. We have done nothing, yet we are surrounded and about to be put to the sword. Quickly. This mob means business.” “Start the jeep Dmitri. It appears that those puppies are in trouble……..again. What reprobates. We will cruise the neighborhood. They can’t have gone far. That Coyote. What a villain! We will be back children. Puppy and Coyote are up to their usual tricks.” The two uncles must come in their Jeep and rescue the rascal puppies from the mob that is upset by their shenanigans. Not far away they encounter a restless crowd. Somewhere lost in the center are the two naughty puppies. “It is all right folks. Move along. We will apprehend these two. What now you mischief makers?” “Pffffft,” sputters Coyote. “We were minding our business and along came this street gang.” “Street gang? These are your neighbors. Now into the jeep before we leave you to their mercy. Halloween is for children, not little dogs.”   But the puppies are too excited at their loss of yummy treats and they howl and bark frantically as the children pass by in their little costumes. So the poor uncles must stop at the store and buy pizza and chicken to quiet these two, before they are returned to Annie and Misha's house. “What were you thinking you little imps? It’s very lucky for you that the police were not involved. Silly puppies.”

The Uncles escort the two criminals into the McDonut household. Everyone laughs so hard at the tale the Uncles tell. “And there they were in the center of the street, surrounded, wearing their little goalie masks and howling at the moon. It is sight we will not soon forget. Such a pair!” Coyote skulks away, but Puppy is quite proud of his adventure. “Yes everyone. It was all my idea. What a clever Puppy.” “Stop Puppy. You are getting as bad as Coyote. What a rascal you are.”                                                                        It is later in the evening and the excitement has quieted down. The household is settled in. The puppies rest together. The Choonies nod in sympathy. “I know that you think we are just grumpy old Choonies, as perhaps we are. Oh puppies. Must you always misbehave? We heard that you were howling at the Goddess. And on Halloween night. You frightened the whole neighborhood. Don’t worry little ones. We understand. Luna is our patron and before the lights of man blighted the sky, we too paid tribute to her and howled at her beauty on her brightest night. Sit quietly and you will get your treat. We are making popcorn and will fill a bowl for each of you. The ancient ones appreciate your homage to the past.” Aroooooooh! Trick or treat Choonies,” says Coyote. “Bark, bark, bark,” says Puppy. “Trick or treat Choonie-Moonies. You see Coyote. This was a fine idea.” The End.  

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