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Dem's Eyes On Them Dems

Apr 29 2021

When Jimmy Carter took office, he had already made arrangement to transfer a good portions of his stock, and decision making within his two corporations, to his brother and other designees. This was done to prevent any inference of profit making from decisions made during his term in office. Fast forward a few decades if you will, and let's make a few comparisons.

Nancy Pelosi made some stock purchases that caught my attention.  Let's discuss the ethics of Congressional Representative buying and selling stocks.

In December, Rep. Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, purchased 25 call options of Tesla stocks, along with a few other stock purchases. Why does this matter? Because under the Biden administration’s new agenda, with its focus on environmental protections and combating climate change, Pelosi could benefit financially from those political plans.
President Biden is encouraging the purchase of electric vehicles, and that could mean lifting the cap on sales, providing tax credits to buyers, and a potential program incentivizing people to trade in used vehicles to buy an electric one. Biden also announced on January 26, 2021 that he would be replacing the entire fleet of 645,000 federal vehicles with electric ones. My first thought is this is a conflict of interest, as part of Pelosi’s job will include working to pass these environmental and clean energy initiatives — initiatives from which her family now stands to profit handsomely.

Our "Made In America" executive order, aims to fulfill a campaign promise to increase the amount of federal spending that goes to American companies, closing loopholes that allowed foreign products to be purchases. This mean potentially 1 million auto worker jobs. Kudos Mr. Biden. 

So Chris Collins is tarnished, while Nancy Pelosi is garnished. Let's examine the two cases. Mr. Collins passed information on to his son. Mrs. Pelosi passed information on to her husband. Mr. Collins, a Republican and first supporter of Mr. Trump in NYS, was replaced by another Republican in a special election, however the Dems managed to take the seat in the next election.  Mrs. Pelosi, a Democrat somehow manages to escape without missing a beat. Just blip on the media's radar.

Dem's Eyes On Them Dem
Andrew Perretti
Democrat, 14D
Bronx, New York

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